Boogie Beat Macclesfield

Boogie Beat Macclesfield


I’m Sean and I can’t wait to bring Boogie Beat Music & Movement classes to Macclesfield and the surrounding areas.

I have worked in the early years sector for a number of years and in 2018 I achieved a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management. The early years is a key stage in every child’s life and they deserve to have the opportunity to lead happy and fulfilled lives and make a positive contribution to society. Education should be a liberating experience for all and this is why I instantly fell in love with Boogie Beat! It believes that dance and music exercise their minds and bodies more than the four walls of a school classroom, it develops their imagination and provides new opportunities to make new friends! I can’t tell you how excited I am to bring Boogie Beat to the region and help steer children, education, society and the next generation, towards a brighter tomorrow.

So, who’s ready to bring their imagination to life? With the help of Giggles, the Boogie Beat monkey, children up to the age of seven will develop their physical and personal, social and emotional skills whilst having fun in the process! We jump into our own fantasy world as we sing, dance and act out traditional stories and nursery rhymes with the use of instruments, puppets and illustrations. I will be keeping you all on your toes and making sure that everyone is joining in, including the adults so come and find out more and discover how entertaining Boogie Beat is!

Telephone: 07530 276725

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