Boogie Beat Leeds East

Boogie Beat Leeds East


I'm Katy and I am so excited to be bringing Boogie Beat Music & Movement classes to Garforth, Rothwell, Colton and surrounding areas. 

As a mum of two very active girls I know how important it is to find classes which are fun, engaging and energetic.  Anything to keep them engrossed, learning and of course, to burn off some energy!  Boogie Beat has this in spades and had me hooked from day one. 

Boogie Beat combines traditional stories and nursery rhymes with unique lively music, actions, dancing and singing.  We have puppets and sensory props, parachutes and of course Giggles the Boogie Beat monkey to engage babies, toddlers and children up to 7 years in fun and movement.   

Boogie Beat helps to develop coordination and motor skills, confidence, turn taking and social skills as well as literacy and numeracy in active, friendly and fun sessions.  All classes and workshops align with EYFS learning.

As parents and carers at our classes you’ll be involved and active too, plus you’ll have the chance to meet others and enjoy time with your little ones together.   

Come and join the fun and get moving at one of our local classes.
Katy x 

Get in touch to find out more.
Telephone: 07539 865142

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