About Us

About Us

"Dance and Music is such a natural way at this age to learn rather than books and words”

We have always had a love for dance and music, it was always a huge part of part of our lives before we even started Boogie Beat.

We have been friends since school and we both enjoyed taking part in shows, exams and festivals, dancing and singing everywhere!

We both married, had children and realised that we did not want to go back to our existing jobs. We knew how important it was to have a family work/life balance so working for someone else was not for us. Running our own business needed to happen!

We started to write some business ideas that would be linked to children, dance and music! What should our company name be? After a lot of word searching with our families, Nicky’s son Toby came up with Boogie Beat. We put together dance themes based on traditional fairy tales and nursery rhymes and developed the concept using our own composed music and beautifully created illustrations.

Sharing our ideas with friends and family, running through many lesson plans in a local village hall. The constant support from our husbands, family and friends was so important to us.

In May 2000 we started Boogie Beat music and movement, running back to back classes in Cheddar on a Saturday morning to see what response we would receive.

We were thrilled when we arrived to find the hall choc-a-bloc and from this day onwards we have had marvellous support and encouragement from the local community for the last 19 years!

Mid-week classes and parties were added to our repertoire and parents expressed their real delight for the way our lesson plans encouraged children to use their creative skills and to exercise their minds and bodies. We were then asked to extend Boogie Beat to further areas, our classes & parties grew and grew!

As the years went on, we introduced Workshops in Nurseries and Schools into our busy week, the structure of these sessions fitted perfectly with the EYFS.

Inter generational workshops in Care Homes and working with the community linking the generations is a wonderful part of Boogie Beat with so many children, teachers, managers, and residents enjoying our Boogie Beat sessions together!

We were often asked why we hadn’t franchised Boogie Beat, which was a great compliment from our parents attending our classes, they really believed that our ideas could be shared throughout the country. This was a great idea, the thought of more children experiencing Boogie Beat and sharing our concept would be wonderful.

Franchising our business was a huge learning curve for us both. We wanted to make sure our brand was 100% quality, and everything that we believed in from the beginning of our venture together. This took a lot of research, looking at the finer details of the Franchise package. In 2009 the first Boogie Beat franchise was launched in North Somerset!

Looking into the future we are continuing to expand our fantastic team of franchisees over the whole of the UK.

Nicky & Lisa
Co-Founders of Boogie Beat music & movement

About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us